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The news has been spun and I've had to put a pin in this project. The internet is more expensive than it used to be and accessing the underyling data i no longer feasible. This project ran for over a year and it cost me less that £10. But due to changes in the rates for api's the cost would have been many times that and is unsustainable.

Maybe one day there will be an new newspin, but until then, thanks for the ride!

A daily email digest of UK news. Taking trending news articles, doing some fancy analysis, and serving it to you in time for lunch.

Newspin is a New-Spin
Showing how people are responding to articles from a range of sources, in order to highlight bias and give you a different take on the story

Newspin is a News-Pin
A minimalistic overview delivered as a newsletter once a day. Ensuring there is a balance of tone - rather than just endless noisy doomscrolling.

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