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Newspin Explained

What is Newspin?

A daily newsletter giving an overview of UK news stories each day.

How is it different?

Other news curation focuses on engagement, rather than just keeping you informed. But engagement oriented news can negatively affect your mental health and your perception of others. Having a balance of tone and a mix of sources is better for everyone.

Why a newsletter?

Newsletters are making a comeback, and are perfect for news. It's literally in the name, but also having a finite list come in once a day, is so much better than being ambushed by a stream of push messages, or doom scrolling through some infinite scroll!

How does this work?

Newspin takes trending news articles and looks at how they are being responded to on social media. It stirs all that in a big pot with some fancy machine learning, boxes it up and sends it out every day.

How are the news stories grouped together?

The truth is, its actually just magic... But if anyone asks, tell them its a fancy algorithm that compares articles to one another and detects similar meaning content. It also balances the tone, to prevent positive interpretations from being drowned out.

What does Newspin mean by 'Outline'?

The Outline of each article is effectively a highly compressed summary. It gives you a very succinct overview of what to expect from the article.

What does Newspin mean by 'Tone'?

The Tone is created by automatically analysing public responses to specific news stories on social media, and determining wether the majority are positive or negative.

What does Newspin mean by 'Discussion'?

The Discussion refers to what things are being talked about in public conversation about an article, and also the tone for each item.

Why does Newspin sometimes say that bad news has a positive tone?

Our response to news is complicated and subjective. Sometimes people will disagree on whether a story is good or bad, but also, sometimes bad news can spark a positive response. For example, the passing of a beloved public figure can prompt people to celebrate their legacy, and say positive things about them. So positive doesnt always mean good news.

This is neat! Can I support it?

Thank you, and yes! Doing so allows the machine to keep whirring and ensure the quality continues to improve. You can buy Newspin a coffee here:

The news has been spun and I've had to put a pin in this project. The internet is more expensive than it used to be and accessing the underyling data i no longer feasible. This project ran for over a year and it cost me less that £10. But due to changes in the rates for api's the cost would have been many times that and is unsustainable.

Maybe one day there will be an new newspin, but until then, thanks for the ride!